Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm On It

Today I went to Apopka, Fl, to see my dad : )
Whoever thought family trips could be influential. As I begin to age, I'm realizing my career isn't going to fall in my lap, I have to fall into it's lap. As I began talking my Dad's cool wife, she put me on...
"Girl you gotta Write a Blog, Get a Internet Radio station, Network, Network, Network."
So today, I begin.
I started searching fashion bloggers, and "how-to sessions" on becoming a successful Fashion Blogger. It slightly helped me : )
You have to be daring, check your competitors sights, and critique their writing and style.
You have to be innovative, know that what you write is how you feel. Deep passion feeds the minds of others soul.
You have to read, influential bloggers motivate people to start new trends, or just become unique within their own personal style.
Lastly, You have to be you! I'm told you readers have more than a 6th grade comprehension level. I'm pleased to know that because from this day on I will publicize my thoughts and attributes on fashion and its social construction within the world.
Fashion Bloggers are the turn of the century, the teaching of fashion has now expanded, come ye all and expand your closet with the mindset for insight and inspiration. The future is changing and I have a cute black leather vintage Prada wallet to store it in. (ZIP)